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Combu is a full featured solution to add online storage management for your player login system, highscores, friends, inventory and more for your games using a web server and MySQL database. It is shipped with client source code for Unity3D.

This documentation is for version 3.x only. The documentation for version 2.x is located at here.

The 3rd generation of Combu features huge improvement to security: now every call from client to server is encrypted through AES keys generated on the fly at the beginning of every launch and exchanged with the server with RSA key (also generated on the fly for each new connection).


  1. Purchase Combu
    You can purchase Combu from Skared Creations website or Unity3D Asset Store.
  2. Import Combu package
    Create an empty scene and import the Combu unitypackage (or from Asset Store window).
  3. Setup the web server
    Click here to see how to configure your web server, you can use a local web server before going live to production for example XAMPP and extract the file (you find it in the folder Install of Combu in Unity) in the root of the web server (or in any other folder of your choice inside the web server tree).
  4. Navigate to /_setup
    You can use your web browser to navigate to http://yourserver/combu_folder_path/_setup to generate the content for your configuration file (located at /lib/config.php) and the SQL queries to create the tables on your database.
  5. Configure Combu Manager
    Drag the prefab Combu/Prefabs/CombuManager in the scene and set the correct settings in the CombuManager component inspector in order to connect to your web server. To get started you can just set the properties Url Root Production to the URL of your live production environment and Url Root Stage to the URL of your development environment (usually your local machine), then select the checkbox Use Stage to run the development environment or leave it unchecked to run the live production.

The first time you will access the admin console (at: http://yourserver/combu_folder_path/admin) the system will create a new admin account with username and password admin and you should be automatically logged. As soon as you access the admin console for the first time on your live server you're strongly suggested to change the password of user admin in the section Admins or delete it and create a new user with a different username and password.

To start now please visit the welcome page Getting started or go through the Related Pages and API reference in this documentation.


You can download the API documentation as offline PDF or navigate online at

You can also use Doxygen to build the HTML/PDF documentation directly from the Unity scripts of Combu.

Customers from Asset Store

If you purchased Combu on Unity Asset Store, now you can redeem the download on this website too at no cost by providing the Invoice No. Click here to redeem your invoice now.