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Combu is a full featured solution to add online functionalities to your apps and games: login system, leaderboards, achievements, friends/ignored, inventory and lot more already built-in and completely extensible.

You only need a web server with PHP support and a MySQL database, Combu will take care of storing your game data on server while you will be focused on your awesome gameplay only.

The system is implemented to support multiple Apps on the same database, so you can also create a game hub with all your games sharing the same user accounts: the Inventory, Leaderboard, Achievements and News are stored per App, or you can make them available across all games in the hub.

Click here to get started in few steps and check out the documentation (or download it as PDF for offline reading).

Remember that if you purchased Combu on Unity Asset Store you can redeem the invoice and access for free to the relevant downloads available on this website.

Players account User registration and login system, customizable through custom data. Buddy list Allow your players to connect with their friends and build a social net.
Inventory storage Store online the player’s inventory list, each item is customizable. User files Attach files to the player’s account, like screenshots, settings file, etc.
Leaderboards Highscores Add more challenge and fun to your game with online highscores. Achievements Add achievements and titles to reward your players.
News feed Share your latest release notes with your players. Public/Private Messages Allow your players to exchange in-game messages.
Matches Let your players to challenge their friends. Tournaments Allow your players to create tournaments.
Admin Back-end
Includes a back-end application to manage the game data in a web browser.


Combu 3 featured huge security improvements with encryption of request/response data and added an App system to allow the creation of game-hubs, please read more the release notes at here.

To upgrade from version 2.x to 3.0 please read the instructions at here.

This major update is free of charge to any current customer, as every other major or minor update of this product.

RSA+AES encryption

Try it

Click here to see an online demo for client side, and here for the admin console (username and password: admin).

The package contains:

  • PHP files to deploy on your web server (Requires: PHP 5.5+)
  • Unity3D package with source code and demos (Requires: Unity 4.6+, though the demo scenes are written for Unity 5)
  • A complete administration web app to manage the game data

All the scripts are built in fully OOP, modular, extensible and event driven, the installation and usage are fully documented and the source code fully commented.


You can purchase Combu from:

Unity3D Asset Store

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Support and feedback

For issues, suggestions or anything else please use the forum.

Official Add-ons

Click here to learn how to create your own add-ons, you can sell them and make some money!

License Manager for Combu Combu version: 2.1 or later
Asset: License Manager
Allow access to your game/app by subscription plans
Combu version: 2.1 or later
Asset: Issue Tracker
Allow your developers to receive in-game output logs, screenshots and bug reports.
Combu version: 2.1.9 or later
Asset: Forum
Allow your users to participate in forum discussions or Questions&Answers.

Third-party assets integration

facebook-sdk Combu version: 2.0 or later
Asset: Facebook SDK for Unity
Download now
gamecenter Combu version: 2.0 or later
Asset: Game Center and other Unity built-in Social platforms
Download now
photon-pun Combu version: 2.0 or later
Asset: Photon PUN and Photon PUN+
Download now


Hundreds developers are already using Combu today, here is a short list of titles, click here for more. If you would like to see your game/app in this list, please contact us and we will be happy to show off your product for free.

Twin Robots
Twin Robots
Wolf Quest
Wolf Quest