About Me

My name is Francesco Crocetti and I’m a senior programmer with wide experience in software, web and game programming since ’90s with a high addiction to both playing and programming videogames as well as software and web applications/websites.

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Skared Creations

Skared Creation was the name of my business company that is closed at this moment, so now it’s only my virtual nickname as individual developer and I’m using this website as personal blog and release free assets, software and games developed by myself.


  • Game development: Unity3D
  • Software development: C#; Visual Basic; Visual Basic.NET; C++; Objective C; Java
  • Web development: ASP.NET; PHP; ASP; Javascript; HTML; CSS
  • Database engines: MySQL; Microsoft SQL Server; SQLite; Microsoft Access, Oracle

Not only programming

Besides programming, I am also a hungry devourer of videogames: I play videogames a lot, and sometimes I like to stream on Twitch while playing.

If you like to watch other people playing videogames (or sometimes programming) then you may be interested in following me:

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