Allevi Love Runner

Developed the programming part of the game Allevi Love Runner created for and inspired to Giovanni Allevi, published by Bizart SRL, designed and animated by Marco Pavone.

The composer and pianist Giovanni Allevi, who captivates the audience with his intense and exciting music, launches into this adventure-style endless runner, so much engaging for the fans but not only. The character was created as a spin-off from the cartoon of his latest video “LOVING YOU” and is about to become a “must” for whom is addicted to this musician.

Just like Allevi always travels with his music, also the protagonist of the video game runs on a scooter through highways and landscapes to capture inspiration. The music that accompanies the video game is a fun electronic translation of the song from which this App was originated, and it’s composed by Giovanni Allevi himself.

This free-to-play game is suitable for children aged 5 to 99 years !!