Forum for Combu

DEPRECATED: this product is currently NOT AVAILABLE for new purchases, though the support to the users who previously purchased it will be guaranteed until December 31st 2024.

Forum for Combu (or just Combu Forum) is an add-on for Combu that allows your users to participate in standard Forum or or Question/Answers discussions.

In the admin section of this add-on you can create groups and forums, permissions sets with granular privilege settings, user groups and profiles for your users, as well as read the active topics and posts.

Every account can be subscribed to multiple user groups, for each forum you can specify the permissions sets of each user group to have complete control over who can do what.

This add-on is also perfect as Questions & Answers, since they have similar features, and even more customizations will be released over time.

Install the add-on

To install this add-on:

  • uncompress the file in the folder /addons of your Combu server installation (you will have a new folder called forum)
  • execute the file forum-db.sql on your Combu database (you will have new tables)

Once you’ve done, in your Combu Administration you will find a new section Forum (see screenshots at the bottom of this page).

How to use

To add the functionality in your game/app on Unity, you don’t need to add any extra script or prefab in the scene but only use the Forum API methods:

  • ForumGroup.Load() : retrieve all the groups and forums accessible from the logged account (or anonymous, if not logged in)
  • ForumPost.Load() : retrieve the list of topics in a forum or a topic thread
  • ForumPost.Save() : create or edit a topic or a post
  • ForumPost.Delete() : delete a topic or a post
  • Forum.Ban() : ban an account
  • Forum.Unban() : remove ban