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Combu Manager not initialized  

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One of our players is unable to register or login because of this error. The game tries to connect to Combu on our server three times, via server.php. For this player, the first time it fails to get the token, and the second and third times it fails to authorize the token. We're stumped as to why. The player has tried several different internet connections, no help. Any idea what could be the problem?



Topic starter Posted : 27/08/2020 5:14 pm
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You could create a specific version of your application with Log Debug Info selected in CombuManager inspector to see what's the text returned from the webservices in the Unity client's log file and maybe pointing to a different test folder of Combu on your server where your web developer could write some logs in the functions isValidRequest (/lib/functions.php), wsToken and wsAuthorize (in /server.php) to help identifying the issue with that user.


Posted : 01/09/2020 8:17 pm