Released Combu 2.1.10

Combu 2.1.10 has been just released on your Purchase History and Unity package has been submitted to the Asset Store. This release adds some useful features to the core classes and extend the web admin console with new possibilities.

Let’s see the release notes of this new version:

  • On Unity
    • Fixed issues preventing to build Universal App for Windows Store
    • Added new property UserFile.customData as Hashtable to customize the file data with your own properties like custom permissions or info
    • Added new methods Mail.Unread, static Mail.Unread(long messageId) to mark a message as unread
    • Added new method User.CreateGuest to create a new guest account
    • Added new property CombuManager.GuestPrefix in inspector to use as prefix to the id for guest accounts (ex.: “Guest-” to obtain “Guest-1“..”Guest-N“)
    • Added new method User.AuthenticateSession to auto-login an account passing the id and sessionToken previously saved
    • CombuManager.timezone has been deprecated, since now the timestamps in the database should be stored in UTC (clients can convert to local timezone through DateTime if needed)
  • On Server
    • Added new property CB_UserFile.customData
    • Added search by email in the web page Admin > Players
    • Added new button Create Player in the web page Admin > Players
    • Added action unread to webservice mail
    • Added action login_session to webservice users
    • Fixed issue in CB_LeaderBoard::LoadHighscoreForAccount
  • On Database
    • Added new field CustomData in table CB_UserFile
    • Added new field Expire in table CB_Session


Upgrade MySQL tables

This version required some changes to the database, you can execute the following SQL statement on your database to upgrade it from version 2.1.9




The documentation has been updated and is online at

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