Released Combu 2.1.8

Hello guys, summer is coming over here at Skared Creations but the weather is not the only thing being hot today: we just released the update 2.1.8 of Combu.


  • Fixed User.Delete (password is now encrypted)
  • Added new overload Mail.Read(long, System.Action<bool,string>) to mark a single message as read by its Id


  • Fixed issue when creating a new user while being already authenticated with another account
  • Replaced all occurrences of exit() with Utils::EchoJson() to add proper headers (fix for WebGL and/or requests from different domain/port)
  • Fixed security issue in AuthenticatePlatform that allowed disabled accounts to login


Coming up…

…and finally we’re glad (and curious just like many of you shall be!) to pre-announce the incoming release of an addon for Combu that easily integrates our framework with PlayMaker, developed and published by our community user Webbstre. So you will now be able to use the great assets PlayMaker and Combu together to build up your awesome games! The expected release date should be around late July 2016, anyway we will send you a ping when this addon will hit the Unity Asset Store shelves!


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