Released Combu 3.0.10

Combu 3.0.10 has been released on our website and will be submitted to Unity Asset Store along the next week. It adds two features requested from our customers: IP ban and pending friendship requests sent from local user.

This version adds two cool features that were requested from our customers and fix some minor bugs in the server auto-update function. You will need to upgrade both your server files and your Unity project in order to make this upgrade to work.



  • Implemented eContact.PendingRequest enum value and User.pendingRequests property to load the pending friendship requests sent from localUser to the other users



  • Implemented logic in contacts¬†web service and Friend class to load the pending friendship requests sent from LoggedAccount to other users
  • Implemented IP Bans in the administration website to allow the administrators to ban client IP addresses (the client requests from banned IPs will be unauthorized)
  • Added search filter for IP address in Administration > Session Tokens
  • New configuration defines available to be added in config.php: LOG_BANNED (if TRUE then the system will log the requests from banned IP address), LOG_UNAUTHORIZED (if TRUE then the system will log the unauthorized/invalid requests)
  • Changed to ‘744’ (read/write) the permissions of files downloaded from Updater tool and small improvements and bug fixes to the updater



  • Added new table IpBan


How to upgrade

You can download the full client/server package from My Downloads on our website (or wait until it has been approved and published on Asset Store) and follow these steps:

  1. First of all we always recommend to make a backup of both Unity project and server files before any upgrade
  2. Import the package in your Unity project
  3. Uncompress the file /Combu/Install/ somewhere in your hard disk
  4. From the uncompressed folder delete the file /combu/lib/config.php (and also the folder /combu/_setup if you’re going to publish it on a production server, remember that for security reasons this folder should never be published on production servers except for the very first time to install Combu)
  5. Publish and overwrite all files from the uncompressed folder to your server


With your favorite MySql manager software (like phpMyAdmin) open your Combu database and execute the following queries (in phpMyAdmin after you select the database from the list on the left side, you will see a tab called SQL in the right panel):

`Id` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`DateCreated` datetime NOT NULL,
`DateUpdated` datetime NOT NULL,
`IdApp` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`IdAdminAccount` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`FromIp` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`ToIp` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`FromIpInt` varbinary(16) NOT NULL,
`ToIpInt` varbinary(16) NOT NULL,
`Reason` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL

ADD KEY `FromIpInt` (`FromIpInt`,`ToIpInt`);


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