Released Combu 3.1.0

Combu 3.1.0 is now available for download from this website and sent to Unity Asset Store for the review.

Release notes


  • Added overloads to method Leaderboard.LoadScoresByUser to load the score of a user by passing the id or userName
  • Added overload to method CombuPlatform.LoadScores to load a page by passing the timeScope of the leaderboard


  • Added support to load by Username the leaderboard’s scores of a user
  • Added a new sample script in /extra folder which deletes the Session Tokens older than 7 days (configurable in a variable), you can use this in a scheduled job on your server OS to be executed once per week for example
  • Fixed bug not saving the AppCustomData of a created user
  • Fixed bug in Admin > Client Users > User Profile > Save which stored the password in clear instead of encrypted when changing password or creating a new user
  • Fixed bug in Admin > Session Tokens which caused the page to not work for changing the date and delete the tokens
  • Improved SQL queries for search of client users
  • Minor changes to administration UI


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