Combu 2.1.1 released

Combu 2.1.1 has been released with an important bug fix and great improvements, let’s see the release notes:


  • Fixed bug in saving account customData
  • Web service groups/list has been improved to allow loading of all public groups
  • Class AddonModule has new method NotifyUserLogout to notify all add-ons when the user logged off
  • Added new class (and database table) CB_Session to store the login sessions of players


  • Added new properties to UserGroup class: “idOwner”, “owner”, “customData”
  • Added new overload to load all groups: UserGroup.Load(pageNumber, limit, callback)
  • Added new methods UserGroup.LoadMembership to load the groups where the user is member
  • UserGroup.Load retrieves only the group owner by the user
  • You can now login the same account from different sources*


  • Added new table CB_Session

* With the new CB_Session class/table you can now login your players from different platforms at the same time, for example you can login on both iOS and Android and Windows Phone without waiting to logout from one of the other like it was before!

** Execute the file combu_db_upgrade_from_2_1_0.sql if you are upgrading from version 2.1.0 or older.

License Manager 1.0

If you need an add-on for your Combu application to manage licenses with subscription plans and time/launch trials then you are looking for License Manager!

With this new add-on for Combu, you can handle monthly, yearly, date or launch count expirations for your online game/app and grant or deny access with an easy to use license manager. You can set a default license type for new account registrations, useful to enable for example a 30-days trial-before-buy.

Once installed on Combu server, you will have access to a new link in the administration console menu to manage the licenses of your players.

Released Combu 2.1

Combu 2.1 has been released on our website Store and submitted to Asset Store, as ever you will have to wait for Unity review process if you want to update from there else you can redeem your invoice and download from our website.

This version fixes a few bugs (mainly on the server side) and adds new features:

  • User.LoadFriends now fills 3 different lists: friends (who accepted), ignored (who you’re ignoring) and requests (pending requests)
  • the web application now supports add-ons, we will explain more later in the following days about how to create and install add-ons for Combu server

As first result of the new add-ons support, we created and released License Manager to easily manage subscription plans. It is the very first add-on in the market and it could help the most creative developers to write, share and eventually sell their own add-ons.

If you create an add-on and want to sell it then we don’t ask for any charge and you are free to keep the income.