Combu 3 released

Combu 3 is officially released by now, you can download it from your Purchase History or wait for the Asset Store review process. Read carefully before upgrade your project.

The third generation of Combu is a huge refactoring of server side components and logic, it’s not just another update, so please read carefully before upgrading your existing project.


What’s changed

Many things changed or were improved, though the most important are:

  • Security: the request and (optionally) response data are now encrypted during client/server communication with a double security layer (RSA+AES)
  • Apps: the system has been enhanced to support the hosting of multiple apps on the same database, the registered apps will share the same user accounts but will have different Inventory, Leaderboards, Achievements and News (you can also create cross-apps Leaderboards, Achievements and News)
  • Localization of server error messages
  • Implementation of Auto-login for users in Unity

Please read carefully the full release notes, it contains the instructions to upgrade your existing projects to Combu 3.

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