Released Combu 3.0.1

Another cool update for our Combu customers has just been rolled out, what’s probably the most important new feature is: server auto-updater!


Release notes


  • Added new item “Unread” to enum eMailList to load unread messages
  • Added handler for Leaderboard.userScope (UserScope.Global, UserScope.FriendOnly) in method Leaderboard.LoadScores
  • Added new static method CombuPlatform.ResetAllAchievements to reset all achievements of localUser


  • Implemented auto-updater for server in web admin Tools (may require write permissions to whole Combu folder)
  • Added new message type “Unread” to web service “mail/list”
  • Added handler for new request parameter “UserScope” in web service “leaderboards/highscore” to filter the user scope (global, friends only)
  • Added new action “reset” to web service “achievements” to reset all achievements of $LoggedAccount
  • Added new class “Visible” to class “ServerSettings” that will be filtered when sending the settings to the clients
  • Minor changes and fixes


You must execute the following SQL statements on your database:

ALTER TABLE `ServerSettings` ADD COLUMN `Visible` BIT(1) NOT NULL AFTER `DataValue`;
UPDATE `ServerSettings` SET `Visible` = 1;


Server auto-updater

This new feature will download the latest version of Combu server and upgrade your server, both server files and database updates will be applied.

The feature is available from the Tools section of the web administration, also the web administration homepage will also check for the availability of new versions and if there’s any then it will display the interface to upgrade.

Remember to make a backup copy of both database and server files before any upgrade.

In case of any error you will be notified, then just can go into the folder /admin/updater (if you haven’t the folder updater then create it and allow read+write permission) and manually copy the files that raised an error into their own path relative to the root (the zip file usually creates a folder called combu that represents the root of your Combu server).


Here is a screenshot of the server auto-updater

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