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Could not connect to database: using XAMPP on Ubutu

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Hi there,

I've successfully set up combu on Windows and Ubuntu before but now I'm having an issue using XAMPP on Ubuntu. 

I have mysql setup with root and password. 

I've modified my config.php script and tested mysql. 

I've added the database tables and am able to view them fine in phpmyadmin. 

I think the issue is that on linux, I'm unable to set the lower_case_table_names = 2, and it automatically sets it to 1. 

Whatever I do, I can't seem to connect to the db with combu. 


Any advice? 

Topic starter Posted : 02/02/2022 9:44 am
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Ok so if you created the tables with the script provided during /_setup, please verify that the table names and field names are in camelcase (for example: "Account", not "account").

If the table&fields names are in camelcase (and you're successfully logging in phpMyAdmin with the credentials that you have set in config.php) then try to use either "localhost" or "" as GAME_DB_SERVER, some systems like one or the other.


Posted : 02/02/2022 9:51 am