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Looking to convert from playfab. Questions regarding performance, IAP, authority

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A few questions if you dont mind. I'm the developer of repuls.io, I am currently using Playfab however I am considering switching to combu due to stuff like friends and messaging.

  1. I currently have a live game with about 70k daily logins. Do you think combu will perform fine under those scenarios, I read a post that rose concern regarding performance of combu with large user bases so I just wanted to confirm.
  2. Any tips/notes on usage for IAP for services like xsolla? Of course I dont expect my hand held, just asking if there are any resources at all.
  3. REPULS is server auth so only the server handles things like updating accounts? What is the proposed way of handling this? Is there any way to update multiple users or do I just have to loop through update each individually?
  4. How would I go about stuff like daily rewards in an authoritative way? In playfab, I can use cloudscript but for combu, I'm not really sure how I could limit a reward to once per day outside of doing it client-side which I want to avoid.

Sorry for the noobish questions but any support on these would be appreciated!

Posted : 22/03/2021 7:40 pm
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Hm, no response? It this project still in active development?

Posted : 12/04/2021 1:10 am
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Hi, sorry I'm pretty busy with my day-time job and so I didn't follow the requests too much in the last few weeks. I'm still supporting this project (I still have to release an update that I need to package and test better before release) and give support.

So let's go through your points:

  1. the performance issues raised by some users are related to the database table where the client sessions are stored which increases in size because each client initialization stores there the data required to ensure the security of that client-server communication. There isn't currently a built-in automatic method that clears the older sessions except for a configuration setting that allows the system to remove all the other sessions of an authenticated user after a successful login. Anyway creating a query to clear the table from sessions older than XX days or hours is pretty simple so its size can be mantained under control, as well as it's pretty easy to create a PHP script that executes this query and you could set the execution of this script in the operating system's scheduled tasks if you're running your own VPS/housing server (but also some hosting providers allow scheduled execution of scripts). May be I'll add to the server classes a direct method to delete older records from this table and a setting to execute it during a client initialization process. By the way, for very high traffic the suggestion is just like any other REST API, that is using more than one web server in load balancing and another server for the database (or eventually cluster DB if needed), but that's something that needs an initial monitoring phase to understand if one server is enough or if more are required
  2. Combu is only a backend data storage, but I see that xsolla (and hopefully any other payment provider) has its own SDK for Unity, so you can implemented it and after a successful payment assign the purchased item to the user's inventory or appCustomData
  3. There's no built-in methods to update more users at once, but it can be easily implemented in a custom add-on (it requires a bit of knowledge in PHP scripting but it's pretty easy and PHP scripting is not that difficult anyway, you can find a tutorial in the Blog section of this website); I could eventually help you on this activity
  4. This could be done in a custom add-on as well, by storing the rewards in a database table

Please consider that PlayFab and Combu are pretty different products, I never used PlayFab but as I read it seems that it provides real-time networking features besides the data storage & management, while Combu is basically a storage for your player's data and it doesn't provide real-time multiplayer networking like for example Photon etc (but you can use both your favorite networking library like Photon etc for the gameplay implementation and Combu to store your data).


Posted : 12/04/2021 10:28 am