Released Combu 3.2.2

Combu 3.2.2 has been published on this website in your Downloads section and has been sent to Asset Store for the review process. It features an important performance improvements and bug fixes.



  • Boosted performance of JSON deserialization (optimized memory management of Garbage Collection while parsing the string)
  • The property timeScope of Leaderboard is now AllTime by default instead of Today
  • The member method LoadScoresByUser of a Leaderboard object is now obsolete and must be replaced with LoadScoreByUser
  • The member method LoadScoreByUser of a Leaderboard object sends the leaderboard id or code to the webservice (id has precedence over code) and returns a null Score to the callback if the leaderboard doesn’t exist
  • Created new method Leaderboard.SetGroupFilter to filter the scores by a user group
  • To retrieve the scores of a user from all the leaderboards you must use the static method Leaderboard.LoadScoresByUser
  • Fixed exception when LoadScoresByUser and LoadScoreByUser return a null User (it should never happens anyway)
  • Minor code optimizations



  • Fixed and optimized the query to retrieve the leaderboard scores of Friends
  • The method Leaderboard::LoadHighscore now has a new parameter $groupId after $sumPlayer to filter the scores by user group
  • Fixed webservice action “leaderboards/highscore_account” loading the scores of all leaderboards when passing a wrong/inexistent leaderboard Id or Code (you can still pass a value of “0” as leaderboard id to retrieve the scores of all leaderboards)
  • Server-side logging feature has been rewritten to use the open source library log4php for better handling the logs (if you used methods like AppLog::Info in your add-ons then you should replace those calls with AppLog::GetLogger()->info to have the source file/line originating the request in the log)
  • Deleting a client user now also deletes the related records in the tables Account_App and AppCustomData
  • In the webservice action “users/login_platform” it now notifies the addons when the user has been just created
  • Editing and deleting a client user from the administration console now notify the addons
  • Added new boolean configuration setting REGISTER_PASSWORD_REQUIRED to disable the password requirement for registration and authentication (if the constant doesn’t exist in the configuration or is set to TRUE then the password is required)


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