Combu auto-updater is down

Since some days the autoupdater system of Combu Server is down, due to a fire that broke out in the server farm where it was hosted. This could have caused slow response times in your Combu server administration websites, if the web server settings hadn’t low connection timeouts.

We are currently in communication with our provider to see if it’s possible to recover our server, but we will probably need to switch to a new one, so the autoupdater system should be unavailable until we will arrange and configure a new server for it.

To avoid the slow times in your local server administration websites, it’s recommended for now to disable the check for new versions. To do this you just need to edit the file /admin/common.php and replace the functions checkUpgradeAvailable and checkUpgradeUpdaterAvailable with the following:

function checkUpgradeAvailable() {
    $updater = new Updater(Updater::UPDATE_COMBU);
    //return $updater->client->checkUpgradeAvailable();
    return array( "upgrade_required" => FALSE );

function checkUpgradeUpdaterAvailable() {
    $updater = new Updater(Updater::UPDATE_UPDATER);
    //return $updater->client->checkUpgradeAvailable();
    return array( "upgrade_required" => FALSE );

These changes disable the check for new versions, we will inform you with a new post when the autoupdater system will be available again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

2 comments on “Combu auto-updater is down

    • Yes, unfortunately the OVH server farm where our services server was hosted had a fire incident some months ago and they didn’t succeed to recover our server. So we lost the updates till there, anyway you can go through the News section and apply all SQL queries on database that are eventually required for each version from yours up to 3.2.2 (the news articles contain the SQL queries if the release involved any change to the database), while about the server and client code you can just use the 3.2.2 files.

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