Released Combu 3.2.3

Combu 3.2.3 has been submitted to Unity Asset Store and is already available in My Downloads on this website. It features fixes and additions of overloads to some methods for convenience, as well as a complete reworking on the web administration site.


Upgrade an existing instance

Unfortunately this version cannot be downloaded and installed through the autoupdater, so if you are upgrading an existing Combu installation then you need to:

  • make a backup of your current server files
  • uncompress the file from the new Unity package and delete the file /lib/config.php
  • upload all content from the uncompressed folder to server and overwrite all files

Or you can optionally upload the new version in a new folder and then copy the file /lib/config.php from the old installation to the newer (in this case remember to edit the constant URL_ROOT there, and the URL on CombuManager of your Unity project).



  • Added a new overload method UserFile.Load to specify SearchCustomData[] array to filter by custom data
  • Added new overloads for the method UserFile.Update to allow you to specify the file name (as it will be saved on the server) and eventually the MIME type of the bytes array content that you’re uploading
  • Added new property gameId to Profile class for compatibility with Unity 2019.4.X, it contains the concatenation of the app and user identifiers
  • Added CultureInfo.InvariantCulture to all float and double TryParse/Parse calls to fix issues with the decimal place in different languages
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of custom User class to be used with AuthenticatePlatform
  • Fixed searching users by multiple custom data or app custom data



  • Added new optional parameter $customData to the method UserFile::Load to filter by custom data
  • Added new property gameId to the output JSON of Account
  • The administration website has been partially rewritten using Smarty template framework to optimize the division of the logic from the presentation
  • Fixed bug in adding Like to the UserFile if an activity View log was already existing for the same user
  • Fixed a bug which caused an issue in saving the appCustomData dictionary for the new user registration
  • Fixed a bug which caused an in-game message with a group as destination not being sent to the group owner
  • Fixed bug in adding a contact by Username if the username was numeric
  • Removed prefix “__TEMP__” in the username of the newly created guest accounts in Account::CreateRandom (fix issue for the database field being smaller than the resulting guest username)
  • Fixed bug in webservice endpoint users/link_platform preventing the return of logged user’s Platforms
  • Added new tab “Inventory” in the Client User Details administration page to manage the inventory of the user in every App
  • Updated the method Utils::IsValidEmail to support the new domains with more than 3 letters



  • Changed to 50 the length of the field Username in the table Account

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