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Emails from Combu sometimes never arrive

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We've been Combu2 since 2015 and Combu3 since 2019, very very happy with both. But recently, in the past several months, we've been having some trouble: Some users do not get their activation email or their password reset email. There's always been an isssue with spam filters catching these, but a very small percentage and quite tolerable. This new issue in the past some months is much more common, a substantial percentage (10% maybe?) of users don't get these emails. Is any error logging that is done on the Combu side if there is a mail error? Or any other way to figure out why this is happening now?




Posted : 04/06/2022 11:24 pm
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You could try to replace in \vendor\skaredcreations\combu\combu\Mail.php the line 70 ($sent = parent::Send();) with the following to append the error message to the log file in /_logs (if any error is raised during the sending email process), make sure that the folder /_logs exists on your server and the web server user has permissions to write there:

try {
    $sent = parent::Send();
} catch (\Exception $exc) {
    $sent = FALSE;

If no errors appear then your web developer should try to manually use this class in a test script and add some debug info inside the "catch", and if no exception or other information is set in the ErrorInfo then the final try he could do is to check the out folder of the mail server to see if any warning information is printed there.

A better practice (expecially if you have a lot of emails to be sent) would be to use a professional service for sending e-mails instead of the local mail (like Sparkpost or other) that allow a complete history logging of every mail sent, though it adds some costs to your service.

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Posted : 06/06/2022 8:44 pm