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Steam Log in

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Just curious since Steam is popular if this has been done or thought of, to be able to log in using Steam, with this add on.    I have had Combu for years now  but to be honest I typically have made my own back end typically but I wanted to dig into this again to save me some time and maybe make life easier, so I was curious if this has been ever  done or thought of.   Alot of users, use Steam and Now Epic EOS for logging in.  



Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2022 3:00 am
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Hi, there's no built-in authentication for Steam, Epic, Facebook etc. but the system provides an easy way to link external platforms: Combu: Linking external platforms (

The concept is that you can use any third-party authentication and after you're authenticated on the external platform then you can link the platform's identifier to a Combu account.


Posted : 16/05/2022 10:34 am