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The activation email system works beautifully. However, I was wondering if it was possible to give the "activation successful page" (where users land after following the account activation link) a little more personality. I've had a look through the folders and was hoping to find a html file that I can modify, but I can't seem to find anything. Am I missing something.

Thanks in advance.

Posted : 05/02/2019 11:39 pm
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For this scope you can use the messages customization:

  • create in the folder /error_messages of your Combu server a file for each language (by default en and it): errors_en_custom.php, errors_it_custom.php
  • these files must contain the override of the global $errors variable where the messages are stored (the full list of array keys is declared in /lib/constants.php in the section commented /** Error constants **/ at bottom):

// ERROR_ACTIVATION_ACTIVATED is the message of activation success
$errors[ERROR_ACTIVATION_ACTIVATED] = '<html><title>My Activation Page</title><body><p align="center">Your account has been activated, you can now login</p></body></html>';

// ERROR_ACTIVATION_FAILED is the message of activation fail
$errors[ERROR_ACTIVATION_FAILED] = "<html><title>My Activation Page</title><body><p align="center">Activation failed or expired</p></body></html>";

// ERROR_ACTIVATION_FAILED is the message of activation expired
$errors[ERROR_ACTIVATION_EXPIRED] = "<html><title>My Activation Page</title><body><p align="center">Activation expired</p></body></html>";
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Posted : 06/02/2019 11:06 am
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Wow, thanks Francesco.

Keep up the good work 🙂

Posted : 06/02/2019 8:10 pm